“Dr. Gideon Polya documents that three to four times more Muslims have been killed by Washington’s 21st century wars than there are Jews in Israel.”

― Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

“Clearly inspired by the total devastation wrought by the Iraqi war, Body Count shows the deadly effects of war, occupation, and global inequality on the survival of the populations of Third World countries. … Polya points out that lies have historically been used to justify the violence perpetrated by the dominant powers of the world, and the mainstream media have been more than willing to perpetuate the lies.”

― Dr. Jacqueline Carrigan

Body Count: Global Avoidable Mortality Since 1950

BODY COUNT exposes the horrendous extent of the Global Avoidable Mortality Holocaust that has totaled about 1.3 billion since 1950. Peace is the only way, but silence kills and silence is complicity. We can all do something immediately by informing others and through ethical dealings with people, corporations and countries contributing to the continuing Global Avoidable Mortality Holocaust that kills 20,000 people DAILY!

  • Author: Gideon Polya
  • Date: January 25, 2022
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