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For a century, the Palestinian people have endured the brutal consequences of Western-backed Zionist settler colonialism. From relentless ethnic cleansing to mass population expulsions, the ancient land of Palestine has witnessed unspeakable horrors at the hands of Zionists. At the heart of this turmoil lies the Gaza concentration camp, where a densely populated community is being reduced to rubble by Apartheid Israel.

The world watches in silence despite over 100,000 people killed, missing, or injured in the first 100 days alone of relentless Israeli violence. The core principles of Humanity - Kindness and Truth - are rejected by those who seek to erase the indigenous Palestinian inhabitants from their own land.

This book sheds light on the ongoing Palestinian genocide, exposing the atrocities ignored by the West. It is a call to action against the violent regime of Apartheid Israel, and its unwavering support from the US and its allies. Will humanity stand by as Gazans face complete expulsion from their homeland, or will the truth prevail in the face of injustice?

Discover the untold story of resilience, resistance, and hope in the midst of darkness. The time for change and full human rights for Palestinians is now.

Title: Free Palestine: End Apartheid Israel, Human Rights Denial, Gaza Massacre, Child Killing, Occupation and Palestinian Genocide
764 pages.
Author: Dr. Gideon Polya.
Format: PDF.
Publishing date: April 22, 2024.
Paperback via KP,, and Barnes and Noble

About the Author

Dr. Gideon Polya is a Melbourne-based biochemist, writer, humanitarian activist, and artist. Over the last two decades, he has published numerous articles on the human consequences of neoliberalism, war, mainstream media deception, and climate change. Evidently, as a consequence of his carefully researched writing, he has been honored by being rendered invisible in look-the-other-way, US-dominated Australia.

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