Ghost of War: Game of Gods (digital copy PDF)

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Lucas is a highly trained programmed assassin born from the hidden occult world of the intelligence agencies. From birth, they tortured and molded his mind - editing, deleting, and inserting customized memories in order to break him into subservience.

His body has undergone numerous genetic enhancements that alone make him formidable. He is further enhanced with a type of classified nanotechnology that is infused with his DNA. This tech is capable of replicating, forming armor, various weapons, shields, and can even be deployed as swarms.

All of this still pales in comparison to his greatest augmentation:

Installed in his neocortex is a sentient form of artificial intelligence known as Alice.

Combined, they are considered one of the most lethal weapons to currently exist on the planet ... and they are under the control of a sinister force that rules from the shadows ...

But then he starts to dream, and almost instantly, instinctually, achieves dream lucidity. This means he is aware of when he is in a dream, and can therefore begin to assert control. What he fails to realize is his dreams are not scrambled regurgitations of his brain, they are of his past. They are reflections of what is locked away within his DNA ... and not within this lifetime.

Alice can also see the dreams and begins to notice each one contains hidden distortions too sophisticated to be detected by anything other than artificial intelligence. She begins to decipher a message meant for them ...

And thus begins their awakening.

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