Optimism: In the Age of Reset (digital copy)

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Explore untold narratives from different perspectives. Optimism in the Age of Reset takes you on a thought-provoking journey through a world dominated by global propaganda and the concept of a Great Reset. Join the protagonist, a think tank analyst, as he unravels the underlying reasons behind the status quo and challenges the prevailing narrative.

Author: Tony Wolf.
204 Pages.
File type: PDF.

Review from Amazon:

"Optimism in the Age of Rest, through the experiences of a young man named Sol, decodes the underlying patterns and fabric of world affairs in an attempt to both explain how they came about and prognosticate major, future trends, such as invisible wars fought with the weather! The book, which technically is fiction, subtly draws upon major conflicts and events from the early 1990s until present, and clearly alludes to the global dominance of the World Economic Forum. It contains a wealth of information, densely packed in around 200 pages. What is particularly interesting about the book is that it does not condemn, rather it elucidates matters and often from both sides of various conflicts. For example, the book demonstrates the horrors of war, but also explains war and its benefits from the perspective of a weapons manufacturer. As a solution, the book offers the theoretical Optimism Database, which is supposed to act as a bridge for younger generations to gain actual wisdom in an era of social media, transhumanism, propaganda, manufactured conflicts, and war."

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